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Agalega vs Dalatangi Climate & Distance Between

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  • The distance between Agalega, Mauritius and Dalatangi, Iceland is approximately 10,162 km or 6,315 mi.
  • To reach Agalega in this distance one would set out from Dalatangi bearing 112.2° or ESE and follow the great circles arc to approach Agalega bearing 156.8° or SSE .
  • Agalega has a tropical monsoonal climate (Am) whereas Dalatangi has a tundra climate (ET).
  • The annual mean temperature is 23 °C (41.4°F) warmer.
  • Average monthly temperatures vary by 5.5 °C (9.9°F) less in Agalega. The continentality subtype is extremely hyperoceanic as opposed to barely hyperoceanic.
  • Total annual precipitation averages 243.5 mm (9.6 in) more which is equivalent to 243.5 l/m